Working with an Internet Marketing Mentor.

If you’ve been wondering if you should invest in yourself and start your own Internet Marketing business then working with an online coach or mentor is a must. I’ve been trying for the last year and like everyone else who’s tried to go it alone – Failed. I’ve finally decided to invest in a program that I’ve found is easy to follow. It offers fantastic value and superb support.

There are many internet marketers offering similar programs and of course, please do your own research and have a look round the internet. However, it’s scary and you don’t know what your investment will get you. So I’ve come up with seven reasons why I invested my hard-earned cash into working with John Thornhill.

Consider this…

Searching out a business opportunity and mentor can be confusing, after all, you’re going to put your time and cash into this business & relationship.  What will you receive in return to make you feel that it’s time and cash well spent? Read on to discover what I believe in working with John Thornhill can bring to your new business.

You benefit from a wealth of real-life experience.

Your Mentor has been in Internet Marketing for years, so you can gain all of their experience and knowledge. Being able to learn about common mistakes most new internet marketers make so you don’t have to is invaluable, both in terms of time & money.  Being able to consult with your mentor regularly via skype, chat, and email is a godsend, strategies, software, and any other issues you’ve encountered.

Your marketing mentor will be able to help you but a plan in place or solve any problems you are having, and they’ll sit with you to talk through the options you could implement.

Finally, your marketing mentor will be testing their marketing strategies regularly. That means you can benefit from this and learn about the latest strategies and how you can incorporate them into your business.

Fast track your learning.

Time is Money. Every minute you spend trying to learn how to market your business is time not spent working on your business. But when you work with a mentor? They can help you quickly understand what will work for your business. You’ll also be able to learn about new tactics and tools when you need to instead of trying to learn everything at once and getting nowhere. This way, you can follow the training program and run your business because you’ll spend less time chasing information on the internet and more time doing!

Getting to grips with the tools you need to use.

There are such a lot of tools out there that you could invest in and then spend time learning how to use them. I know I’ve been there. Time you probably don’t have.  Working alongside a mentor gives you that security of knowing you’re investing in the right tools. For me, having step by step videos to follow has advanced my knowledge and skills so quickly. Practice makes perfect.

Create that elusive marketing plan without a fuss.

Yes! You know you need a good marketing plan! Where do you start? How long it will take. Plus a million other things that need your urgent attention. Well, a mentor will be able to explain what a marketing plan is and can help you understand how to go about putting a marketing plan together.

Working together, they can layout the steps you need to follow, advise on which Information it should have in it,  it becomes easier once you’ve done it once giving you the confidence to create your marketing plan with ease.

Be accountable for your own development.

More importantly, a mentor will mean you’re held accountable for your own self & business development. A mentor will advise you and motivate you, helping you to take action to get tasks completed. A mentor’s encouragement and advice to use the new knowledge & skills you have acquired builds confidence in your abilities which you can implement into your current or new marketing strategies.  making the process not only collaborative but supportive too.

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