Reaching your target audience with results-driven performance advertising campaigns, of course. What could be easier? Not much, as long as you know what to do with the information. Let me explain.

Performance marketing can be defined as advertising whose purpose is to increase the likelihood of a company’s products or services being bought, by people who would not have bought them, but for the inclusion of the performance marketing elements of the campaign.

What do these mean? They mean that in addition to traditional advertising techniques, the campaign includes, for instance, email marketing, blog posting, search engine optimization, and so forth, as part of the marketing efforts.

Let’s break it down.

How does one do PPC? The basic idea is to find people who would be likely to buy a product or services offered by a given company and then develop an advertising campaign that encourages people who you know to visit the site of the company, where they may purchase a product or services, and then direct them to a link that takes them to the company’s sales page where they can make a purchase.

This is the basic idea, but how do you do it?

The basic technique used in performance marketing is to include some kind of element within the site that allows the company or seller to match the potential customer to a particular product or service offered by the company, and then pay the affiliate for every sale made.

For instance, there may be a website made about fishing rods. The website may include a series of videos on how to catch fish, and on each video there is a link that takes the viewer to a place where they can buy a fishing rod. Each video includes a link at the bottom so that it is obvious that the only purpose of watching the videos is to buy a fishing rod. So it is reasonable to assume that this link is an affiliate link that will earn the affiliate a commission whenever someone clicks on it and buys a rod.

Each company may only have a few links on the site, but since people often watch all of the videos, and click on about half of them, this could create a significant income for you with only a few links. The commissions may be small, but if the rate of return on invested capital is high, that is really not a bad income for a small site.

There are many kinds of affiliate programs out there, but let’s look at a few to get you started.

There are two types. First, there are pay-per-sale affiliate programs. These typically involve pay-per-click sales, where you receive a small amount of commission each time a visitor clicks on an advert and then buys. They are a little more costly but can be more lucrative, than pay-per-lead affiliate programs. Pay per click may involve a small up-front fee but may be more lucrative than pay per sale in the long term. I recommend staying with the latter.

The second type is pay-per-lead affiliate programs. These generally involve pay-per-action, where you receive a small amount of commission each time a visitor fills out an application, form, or survey. These are less lucrative than pay per click but are more rapid in their payout than the pay per lead. Again, keep with the ones that involve a small up-front fee.

Pay per sale is very lucrative. It can be an even 50% of the purchase price or more but is rare. This is the best of the two types and should be the one you get into. It’s also the most common and pays out the most frequently.

So now you understand what affiliate programs are. You know what the affiliate link is, and how the link may be created (on the web page or in an image file). You also know the role an affiliate company plays – usually an affiliate company acts as your middleman, between the buyer and the seller.

Your role is to help the company find a good, large market. An example of this is an ad for a TV show in a TV magazine. The affiliate company acts as your middleman – the middleman who finds the large buyer base. The affiliate company then presents the ad to the TV stations and TV magazines. If a viewer sees the TV ad and clicks through to visit the TV site, the owner of the ad gets a commission.]

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