So you’ve heard of affiliate marketing, but how do you actually get started finding hot keywords for your chosen Niche?

It’s easy, I’ll give you a quick review of the basic concepts and the 3 steps you need to follow to start affiliate marketing today.

This is the most important step. Keyword research is something you can do yourself, but you need a way to research the best niches that make you rich. Tools like the Google keyword tool are used to search the competition and find the most profitable keywords.

In building your website, you need to make sure that it’s organized and of good quality. It’s important to have a strong call to action so that people will take any action that is necessary to achieve your goals.

As you read this, remember that most important truth. Everything in life is something you can use to achieve something. If you follow these steps, you can start your affiliate marketing business today and make good money. You will not get rich overnight, but it will be more than good living, it will be great.

1. Find your Passion and Interest.

Your job is to find a topic, so deep that it is going to stay with people for a long time, so you have satisfied people who will use it to seek information, for support or just to be in the “now”. It has to be something that will be part of your life for a while.

2. Visit BuzzSumo, TinyLetter, or any of the other place that lets you put keywords in and see what people are writing about in their own words.

This is an important step because you’ll see, if your topic is popular, you’ll have to work really hard to make it more popular. So you have to find the niche that works because if it doesn’t work, you’ll have to change it or try something else.

If your creating video and have a youtube account my personal favourite is VidIQ it’s super easy to use especially if you have youtube channels – you can also check out your performance versus your competitors, it’s really handy. Check it out here VidIQ  

3. Sign up as a publisher in your chosen niche.

Our good friend Google again!! If your topic is popular, Search google & check out how many publishers there are, if there are more than a million publishers, then it’s a great niche.

4. Test, test, test.

The keyword “worked” many times during the year will make “worked” again and again during the year. In other words, if you choose a keyword that was on the top 10 for July and August of 2009, then don’t choose something else in March of 2010.

There are many tests you can do during the year to make your niche work. Once you get a feel for it, you’ll have more than good keyword research skills. Then you’ll be able to tell when the niche is on the rise, when it’s on the decline, and where it’s at in the cycle.

So once you’ve decided your niche is popular, you’ll need to take all that into consideration when you decide the keyword you’ll use in your article. There is no single keyword research method that will work for every article. You’ll have to experiment with different ones, then find the ones that work best for your situation.

Remember, you’ll need to be patient, try a couple of things, then give it a month before you see if a new one is more effective. I’ve had great success with things like article marketing, SEO techniques, PPC tactics, and the like. And then found that a new one was more effective than something else.

Remember, in every niche, there are a bunch of keywords that are super low competition, but really get clicked on a lot. And a bunch of keywords that are super high competition, but really get clicked on a little. Choose a keyword in between.

I hope this article has given you some basic ideas about how to find hot keywords and some basic ideas about why they’re hot. And how you can get your articles to be in the first instance for those keywords. But there’s a lot of work to do. There’s no magic bullet.

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    • Martin Platt

      Hi Kaz,

      Great article!

      Keyword research – I did that back in the day for search engine optimization. Is there anything that we shouldn’t be doing that would over-optimize the keywords, and cause problems?


      Martin Platt.

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