After having a word with myself and reassessing my life goals during the COVID 19 pandemic I’ve decided to take the plunge and check out

this Internet & Video Marketing malarkey.


My goal?

To work from my new campervan I’m going to buy with my earnings from my new online business!!

I would also like to point out I am not a writer, I write how I talk, minus the Norfolk accent! I’m also not going to make this too long, just

a brief overview of what makes me tick.

So who am I?

Let’s start forty years ago as a young girl only interested in horses, my weekly lesson and riding the mop around the kitchen. Never would I have dreamt I would be so lucky in this life. I met my hubby on an oil rig, fast forward to today and we have two kids and a beautiful granddaughter. Now an empty nester working towards life long dreams of working from home on my own business.

What happened in between?

Throughout my life I have been in service roles, civil servant, schools & children’s homes. I learned so much about myself as a person. My hobbies and interests have also played a massive part in shaping who I am today. My love of the great outdoors has been a massive part of this. Camping,  fishing & football have always been my escapes.


The time spent with family partaking in these activities has given me many skills, I am comfortable towing a caravan. I’m not a bad angler either recently gaining a fishing coaching certificate, but the best part of all is the amazing memories we have as a family. My hubby and I started a youtube channel and website about our adventures last year called Gramps Muddy Boots last year as a hobby, so check it out if you want to.


Football has always featured heavily in my life.

Being married to Geordie who’s black & white (NUFC) is was always a given. Hubby has managed teams and this is where my love of Videography came from

I started out years ago trying to catch the odd goal and then realized I didn’t know how to edit it so I spent months watching youtube videos and learned everything I could.

Years later

It has developed into a little business, but my passion project is my youtube channel Sport Edit | AC Mill Lane, a local team I follow around every Saturday. I film the game, producing highlights for my youtube channel. Not only can they watch the goals but have fantastic memories to treasure and share with future generations.

I will probably share some of my outdoor adventures here too, rest and downtime is important to help with the creative side of me but it also helps me focus too.

I guess internet marketing is the next step up for me, I felt I needed a challenge and with so much to learn I’m looking forward to learning everything there is to know.

Although one thing I have learned already is that a good mentor is the best way to succeed in this business coupled with a good work ethic.

I really hope you enjoy my journey into internet marketing.

Kaz 💕